Whatever you call them – polaroids, digitals, etc. – these photos are your gateway to the modeling world. But, what are they?

As a model, you have two kinds of photos. Book work and polaroids. Portfolio and digitals. The photos that show your range as a model and the photos that show you as a blank canvas. The photos that clients want to see to determine your fit in their campaign or show and the photos that agencies look at to determine your fit in their roster.

Simply put, digitals are the “everyday” version of you. Minimal makeup, simple hair, basic wardrobe, no fancy lighting, no editing…just you. It’s a neutral starting point that agencies can look at and know what they’re working with. And yes, you can have a friend take them on your phone! An agency doesn’t care as long as they’re clear and show you well.

So, why do I offer professionally taken digitals? Honestly, some models just feel more relaxed in the studio and their personality comes through better. I can coach you through the range of shots you’ll need to submit. For new models, it’s a great first introduction to a “photo shoot”, even though we’re not diving deep into portfolio work. But, most importantly, I offer a well-structured shoot to make sure we’re covering all the bases.

For local agency submissions, I even offer them free! My Digital Days are a way to get a couple minutes of camera time and a handful of quick digitals – sign up for my newsletter (aaronpattonmodels.com/follow) to know when the next one is. But, for more comprehensive digitals, you can book a session and we’ll cover all the bases.

In a full digital session, we’ll get you the full range of images you’d need for a variety of national submissions.

  • Full-length
  • Headshots
  • Three-quarters
  • Multiple body angles
  • Hair down, hair up
  • Standard outfit: black tank top and skinny jeans
  • Swimsuit (16+): simple black bikini
  • Commercial and editorial looks for each
  • Plus some “personality” photos that just let the real you shine through

The photos are unedited, and there’s no need for pro hair/makeup, so these are quick and easy! I’m just here to make sure you’re giving the camera your best.

When should I take digitals?

Your digitals need to be current, always. Sending images to an agency and showing up looking different is not a great start. As a general rule, models should be updating their digitals at least twice a year (more frequently for younger models, less frequently for older models). Also, if you change your hair, it’s time for new digitals. Gain or lose some weight? New digitals! Tone up? New digitals. It’s always important to stay current.

Of course, you don’t need professional digitals…just like you don’t need a Louis Vuitton bag. But, they’re kinda great to have.